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MEDICLU offers fast and reliable reads from our expert radiologists who have extensive experience with sub-specialized knowledge. Additionally, our customer care coordinators will become an extension of your practice with 24/7 communication access and fast follow-up.

After a formal evaluation, we’ll provide an affordable solution scaled to fit the specific needs of your practice. We help you cut the overhead costs of scans and allow you to grow your business to serve more satisfied patients.

At Medclu, patients can get all types of clarity imaging services like CT and MRI scans done at very affordable rates without any compromise in image quality.

Scanning is done in the latest high-end MRI and CT scanners and CD & films are given along with the report to the patient. A new high end 4D Ultrasound scanner has also been commissioned in addition to the existing Ultrasound Scanner, to service more patients.

We ensure top-end clarity imaging technologies at first place, all our MRI scanners and CT scans are the first of their kind in the city and equipped with all the available software and hardware it is capable of taking scans of any part of the body. So whether it is stroke (brain attack), sports injury or the regular headache and low back ache, this state of the art scanner can take exquisite images and help the treating physician.

To cope up with the ever increasing patient load for Ultrasound scans it was decided to add another high end 4D and colour doppler capable Ultrasound scanner. This scanner can show the fetus within the womb in exquisite detail while at the same time it can image routine abdominal scans and the blood vessels as well.

With the inception of these new scanners it is the ardent hope of MEDICLU that the patients will get relief from the high costs that MRI and CT scans are normally associated with.

Some of the Scan Services we offer:
  • 1.5 Tesla MRI
  • 16 Slice Multidetector CT
  • 4D Ultrasound with Color Doppler
  • X-Ray (Digital)
  • OPG (Dental X-Ray)
  • Digital Mammography
  • BMD-Dexa Scan

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